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40 Times Weddings Were So Tasteless, These People Just Had To Document It – Bored Panda

With the wedding season in full swing, many of us are excited to witness how two people venture on a journey together through life. We’re eager for elegant ceremonies and magical moments, and we expect to cherish these memories for years to come. But in the real world, weddings are far from the dazzling and perfect affairs many of us imagine. Because you see, some couples seem to go out of their way to show everyone that taste really is a matter of preference.

To prove that some celebrations of love look like anything but fairy tales, members of the ‘Trashy’ subreddit shared snaps of the wild and tasteless things they’ve ever spotted at a wedding. With the tagline, “All things Trashy!”, this online community has set out on a mission to expose the low-class nuptial disasters.

From outrageous invitations to mothers-in-law who turn up in bridal gowns, we at Bored Panda wrapped up a compilation of photos that vividly illustrate how bad things can get. Continue scrolling, upvote the ones you loved hating the most and be sure to share your own stories with us in the comments! And if you think you can handle even more wedding horror stories, check out our earlier publications about nightmare wedding guests and the most shame-worthy wedding examples.