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5 Dreamy Spots in Delhi NCR for your romantic pre-wedding photoshoot – PINKVILLA

A pre-wedding shoot will provide you with a plethora of beautiful memories to treasure for years to come. However, for a photo shoot to be memorable, the backdrop must be stunning and reflect the mood and theme being emphasised. Delhi/NCR is a treasure chest of connecting culture, historical design and marvel architecture, and it can be a beautiful backdrop for your romantic pre-wedding photoshoot that will help you create timeless memories that will last forever.

For your romantic pre-wedding photoshoot, we’ve compiled a list of 5 enchanting spots in Delhi/NCR.

Humayun Tomb

1. Humayun’s Tomb

This amazing architectural wonder, located directly across from Nizamuddin Dargan, provides a variety of backdrops for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Its lush greenery, marble buildings, and other red-stone structures are what make it the most captivating for photoshoots, making it an ideal pre-wedding location.

ITC Grand Bharat

2. ITC Grand Bharat

Have you been looking for a perfect pre-wedding shoot with a touch of opulence and a fantasy twist? Then you have got one at one of the best locations for pre-wedding shoots in ITC Bharat. The resort’s design is reminiscent of a royal palace. ITC Grand Bharat is the place to be if you want a regal location for a photoshoot with your beau amid lavish views.

3. The Perfect Location

The perfect location, as its name implies, is the most beautiful location for a couple’s pre-wedding photo shoot. This location is ideal for the shoot because it has a variety of backdrops. They also provide props and shots in open areas. It has to be our favourite spot in Delhi, without a doubt!

Agrasen Ki Baoli

4. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen ki Baoli, right in the heart of Delhi, is a heritage site that adds a romantic touch to pre-wedding photography in Delhi. It is set on three levels, and will give your photos a wonderful old-world charm. If you’re looking for an everlastingly picturesque shot with your fiance, this Baoli with a fine backdrop dating back to the 14th century will never let you down.

Garden of Five Senses

5. Garden of Five Senses

This is the perfect location for you and your partner if you both enjoy nature. There are many features for the camera lens to flirt within this 20-acre space. Ranging from massive rocks to appealing fountains, ceramic chimes and well-designed gardens, this location has numerous picturesque spots perfect for beautiful photographs. This mesmerising location is ideal for both the couple and the photographer for a pre-wedding shoot in Delhi.

These are some of the best locations in and around Delhi for a pre-wedding shoot. Make sure you plan ahead of time and book your photographer accordingly for a mellow pre-wedding shoot.

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