Catching Memories Through The Lens

5 Frames… Of panoramas in Grenoble on Kodak Panchromatic Separation Film 2238 (35mm Format / EI 12 / Horizon Perfekt + OF-28p 28mm f/2.8 MC lens) – by Alfonso Carpio Rovira – EMULSIVE

This past Easter I planned a trip to Grenoble, a good opportunity to take landscape shots of the French Alps. At the same time, I was been keen to try out an attractive low ISO film that I received in the last Secret Santa (thanks EM); a roll of Kodak Panchromatic Separation Film 2238, a panchromatic film that, developed with HC-110 dilution E for 7 minutes according to the instructions on Alex Luyck’s blog, has a sensitivity of ISO 12 (can be processed also from 6 to 25 ISO).

With nature photography in mind, a good choice was a panoramic format and I chose my loved Horizon Perfekt swing-lens camera. A good poor-man’s panoramic camera substitute for the Widelux. The wide-angle lens has a hyperfocal range from 5.5 metres to infinity for its largest possible aperture of f/2.8. Perfect for mountain photography. The edges – especially the end side of the movement – are not usable because it is mostly blurry (at least mine is) but you get a good resolution large negative of 24x58mm. I have always taken photos with a strong character.