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50 Painfully-Accurate Memes That Anyone Above 30 Might Relate To, Shared By This Instagram Page – Bored Panda

There’s just something about turning 30 that shakes us awake. Suddenly, we realize that this is the point we expected to have it all figured out. To leave our carefree youthful days behind and merrily cross over the bridge into adulthood. But many will agree there’s little joy in the mammoth 30th birthday. It often looms over our heads and reminds us that we simply haven’t done enough with our lives, making us question whether we’re running out of time.

But wait! The 30s aren’t that bad. This period is all about exploring life and getting closer to understanding who we really are. And with so many highs and lows during this decade, there’s plenty to laugh at as well. So let us introduce you to the ‘Coping With Not Being 29’ Instagram account, the perfect outlet for frustrated millennials to catch a break and chuckle at their misery. “Somewhere between adulting and setting the cat on fire,” the creator writes, and by the looks of it, they’re not far off.

We have scoured their feed and gathered some hilarious memes and extremely relatable jokes that sum up what life in our 30s is all about. So continue scrolling and upvote the posts you thought were spot on! If you’re in the mood for even more painfully accurate content, take a look at our earlier posts about ‘Millennial Heaven’ and ’30 And Tired.’