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90 Adorable And Funny Pics Of “Cats Who Share One Braincell” – Bored Panda

There’s something about cats that makes this world purrfect. Their indescribable cuteness, the fur, the attitude, the quirkiness, the jumpiness, the sixth sense, the cat logic. Speaking of which, I suspect felines have a life motto that basically reads “why do things hooman way when I can do them my own way?”

What is the cat way, people who have never had one may wonder. And since pictures speak more than thousands of words, Bored Panda presents you this miscellaneous Twitter page that features a vast collection of some of the silliest and funniest cats caught on camera.

Titled “Cat Brain Cell,” the account is a real treat for anyone eager to find out more about the quirky nature of our beloved furballs. Their description states “All cats here share the same brain cell,” so you may agree or argue, but thing one is clear: that cell, whatever it is, is absolutely hilarious.