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Award – Bartur Photo Awards – Open Call – The Eye of Photography

This year’s BarTur Photo Award is now open but CLOSING SOON! The competition is free to enter for both the main and student awards to continue to support and celebrate photographers who are challenging the way we see the world.

The cash prizes have increased this year to a total sum of $20,000 for the winners of the award. Of that, $5,000 for the winners of the BaseCamp Student Photographer of the Year awards. $1,200 cash prize for the Chris Wainwright Award for Climate Change, $1,500 BarTur Award for Faces of Humanity. This year we are continuing our two themes of Climate Change and Unity and Diversity as well as The BarTur Photo Award and LEICA Fotografie International (LFI) Photojournalist of the Year. New for this year is the Ann Lesley BarTur Photo Award in collaboration with LEICA Fotografie International. Apply here.

The Ann Lesley BarTur Photo Award aims to celebrate female photographers creating exceptional work and amplify their perspectives and experiences on an international stage.

Over the years, women in photography have forced change, striving for parity and equal opportunity. Many have faced lack a of access, recognition and pay because of their sex, and whilst these problems still exist, it is through the work of strong and talented female photographers, that future generations are empowered to pursue their dreams. The award is named in honour of Ann Lesley, late wife, and mother of founders Amnon and Armon Bar-Tur. As a woman artist in London and New York in the 1970s-1980s, she often experienced sexist discrimination and unequal access to opportunity. The award is dedicated to her memory, and to all women photographers past and present who haven’t yet received the access and acknowledgement they deserve.

A key focus of the BarTur Photo Award has always been the immense power photography has in influencing the way that we understand and engage with the world around us. Using photography to express ideas and values, the BarTur Photo Award brings important issues to the forefront, crossing boundaries, reuniting communities, and igniting discussion and awareness of some of the most pressing concerns of our time.

Practical information

Closing 30th June 2022.

Entry is free to all.