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Alice Camera Shares Full-Res Sample Photos, Plans to Ship by October – PetaPixel

Alice Camera has experienced some serious delays but has shared a set of photos taken with its unique camera system which gives an idea of what kind of quality can be expected from the unusual camera system. The Alice Camera , a Micro Four Thirds system that attaches to the back of a smartphone, has […]

‘The flash of red by her ankles is reminiscent of defiance’: Ako Salemi’s best phone picture – The Guardian

‘The flash of red simply by her ankles is similar to defiance’: Ako Salemi’s best phone picture The Iranian photojournalist on a woman he spotted in northern Afghanistan I n 2015, Ako Salemi was on a photography trip to northern Afghanistan with fellow Iranian photojournalist Majid Saeedi. One day, the pair were exploring near the […]

Perpignan’s Festival of Photojournalism 2022 – in pictures | Art and design – The Guardian

Men, women and children are housed together at the mental healthcare centre, Avrankou, Benin, 2021 ‘This ‘is the fourth chapter on freedom lost (after Encerrados, Paco and Prigionieri), continuing my extensive, in-depth study exploring the world of people hidden far from the public gaze’ – Valerio Bispuri Photograph: Valerio Bispuri/c/o Visa pour l’image Perpignan Şeyma […]

The DJI Avata is a Compact FPV Drone Designed for Everyone – PetaPixel

DJI has announced its latest drone: the Avata . Where the DJI FPV brought the first-person-view experience to DJI fans, the Avata takes that idea and democratizes it for the masses. The DJI Avata is designed to bring first-person-view (FPV) flight to anyone by making the experience as simple and seamless as possible. DJI says […]

The Nikon Z9’s ‘Pre-Release’ Feature Makes Lightning Triggers Obsolete – PetaPixel

If you’ve ever tried to photograph lightning during the daytime, you know it’s almost impossible. By the time you press the shutter button, it’s gone. That’s why lightning triggers, while no guarantee of success, exist. But the addition of the new “Pre-release” feature in the Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera now makes those triggers obsolete. It […]

Queens iconic pictures attract massive likes and hearts – Geo News

Queen’s iconic pictures attract massive likes and hearts By Web Desk Saturday Aug 20, 2022 Queen Elizabeth, the longest-reigning British monarch, has received massive applause from millions of her admirers for her iconic pictures. The Royal family shared a montage of some iconic photos of the Queen on the World Photography Day to pay a […]

Prequel is the Favorite Photo Editing App of Gen Z – PetaPixel

Prequel, a photo editing app, has surged in popularity this year and captured the attention of Generation Z . to become a firm favorite of younger users. Prequel has been downloaded more than 100 million times since its launch in 2018. But , Prequel cemented its status as the photo-editing app of choice for Gen […]