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This mini Instax printer brings me the joy of instant photography without the pain – TechRadar

Audio player loading… Every couple of months, I’ll find myself on Amazon. com agonizing over the pros and cons of purchasing an instant camera. My latest instant-cam fantasies have been revolving around the Polaroid Now+ , one of the best instant cameras we’ve reviewed. Its iconic design makes it look like a modern version of […]

50 Funny, Weird, And Ridiculous Things That Actually Exist On Amazon, As Shared By This Online Group – Bored Panda

Let’s face it, Amazon is your go-to site for just about anything. With a wide array of about 12 million items across different categories, virtually anything you dream up can land on your doorstep in no time. A giant tub of flaky sea salt? You bet. A headband with mullet hair attached to it? Absolutely! […]

7 K-Pop Idols Who Are Also Part-Time Photographers – soompi

The K-pop world is full of talent, and it’s not just limited to singing, dancing, and rapping – there are lots of K-pop artists who are photographers too! From portraits to people, you might just be surprised at the stunning photographs that have been shot by your favorite stars. Here are just a few great […]

How to Add Mood to Your Landscape Photos – Fstoppers

Photography is as much about what you show in your photos as it is about what you hide. Too many details can overwhelm the viewer. You can already be selective about what you include in an image when you capture it. There are also several techniques that help you simplify a photo in post-processing. One […]

Karen Ruins Wedding Photo ”Plane Shot” in Viral TikTok – Distractify

He uploaded footage of the unfortunate interjection in a now-viral TikTok. In the clip, the woman can be seen looking behind he after she was already ahead of the lens and she attempts to correct her gait, but by then it’s already too late. The moment has passed and you can hear the photographer saying, […]