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The best compact cameras for travelers in 2022 – National Geographic

Things may still be far from “normal, ” but our desire for adventure remains the same. Whether it’s spotting a rare bird in your local park or exploring an ancient wonder in a far-flung destination, technology has made it easier than ever to capture and preserve precious moments.   A powerful travel image not only […]

Fujifilm warns it will stop orders of X100V due to exceptional demand – Digital Camera World

It’s been over two years since the Fujifilm X100V (opens in new tab) was released in February 2020 but the company is still struggling to keep up with demand. For such a small camera, it’s made a big impression and now there is such a backlog of orders the only way to cope is to […]

30 Funny Cat Photos Candidly Captured on the Streets of Japan – My Modern Met

Cats are comedians. They certainly don’t realize it, but as Japanese photographer Masayuki Oki shows, they are constantly doing things that make us laugh. Oki roams Tokyo and other city streets to look for kitties that are just being themselves, but they are doing so in a way that is funny to us humans. This […]

Award-winning landscape photographs show fragility of the natural world – CNN

(CNN) — Orange lava shooting up from a volcanic vent in the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland, and mountaintop shadows cast on a glacier in Yukon, Canada are among the winning subjects of the second annual Natural Landscape Photography Award. The two shots, by Austrian photographer Philipp Jakesch and Canadian photographer Jim Lamont respectively, take home the […]

SIRUI Dragon Series B25R Bendable RGB LED Light – Newsshooter

Share this article SIRUI has unveiled its new Dragon Series B25R Bendable RGB LED Light , which they claim is the World’s first bendable LED light. I do know what they mean here, but you could well argue that flexible LED mats are bendable LED lights. The B25R can be bent inwards or outwards. According […]

Shall I throw away my camera These images are NOT photographs – Digital Camera World

The debate over the merit of real photographs versus AI-generated images isn’t a new one. However , what I don’t think most people realize is that AI image generators aren’t limited to esoteric programs and clever software nestled in the depths of the web; the images on this page were all made with a free […]