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Travel Photography With a Different Perspective – Fstoppers

Travel photography is perhaps one of the broadest genres of photography because of how it overlaps with almost every other kind. It encompasses a wide range of shooting styles and shooting scenarios to fulfill a simple goal, which is to illustrate and tell stories about a place. Because a particular place is always made up […]

Fujifilm camera launch tomorrow: watch third X-Summit event with us – Digital Camera World

Refresh 2022-10-31T18: 41: 37. 270Z So it’s just one day (and less than 24 hours to go) until the next Fujifilm X-Summit, where we’ll get to see what the next camera launch will be. Check out the latest Fuji rumors (opens in new tab) page for more intel, insight and gossip.

Maybe the Only Photo Processing Software You’ll Ever Need: We Review ON1 Photo Raw 2023 – Fstoppers

ON1 Photo Natural 2023’s is reaching a point where we don’t need other apps to process our photos. It indeed addressed some of our most significant developing and editing annoyances. There are various bugbears that a lot of photographers have in common when it comes to software. The first is the number of programs we […]

Join the hunt for elusive spooky sprites in the sky with this ‘Spritacular’ project – Space. com

A new crowdsourcing science project called “Spritacular” is asking skywatchers to use their digital cameras to try to capture images of unusual electrical discharges above thunderstorms. These discharges, known as Transient Luminous Events (TLEs), better known as sprites , remain mysterious 33 years after they were first captured on camera. Eyewitness reports of red flashes […]

I tested Photoshop’s new AI tool for fixing old photos – and it’s seriously impressive – TechRadar

Photoshop has been pushed out of the limelight by text-to-image wizards like Dall-E in recent months. But it also has some clever AI tricks of its own –  including a new ‘Photo Restoration’ tool that can fix your old photos, and even colorize them, with one click. The so-called ‘neural filter’ (Adobe’s name for its […]

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to offer huge night photography improvements – TechRadar

Audio player loading… The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra currently tops our list of the best camera phones , and yet the particular Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could be significantly better for photography; with improvements to the main camera, telephoto performance, and low light shots. That’s according to leaker @UniverseIce (opens in new tab) , who […]

The Changing Fortunes of Japanese Camera Manufacturers – PetaPixel

Earlier this month Olympus revealed some of the thought process behind the 2020 sale of its camera division in which the company jettisoned it in order to pursue greater stability and profitability from its broad portfolio of medical technology. This is in stark contrast to Nikon, which has wiped the slate clean and started again. […]