Catching Memories Through The Lens

Eran Gilat & Sefi Sendik – The Eye of Photography

 Big Bang

Big Bang is a tribute photography series honoring forces of nature. Corona pandemic turmoil emphasized and strengthened the modesty and humility commanded by nature on human being.
A minor interaction with nature brought on humanity an enormous pandemic turbulence.
The series depicts studio installations of imaginative landscape, burdened by chaos and disorder reflecting confusion, capturing the viewer eyes. Big Bang is an enlightening exploratory journey to awareness, modesty respecting nature.

Eran Gilat & Sefi Sendik


Eran Gilat is a Neuroscientist and Fine Art Photographer.
Eran is engaged for many years in fine art photography. His ‘Life Science’ project was vastly presented in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world. The study was published by numerous platforms, such as world photography magazines, newspapers and wired media platforms. ‘Life Science’ Photography book was generously published by Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg.

Sefi Sendik Sefi Sendik is an entrepreneur and artist.
Sefi’s art is presented by YAIR Art Gallery of Tel Aviv, Israel. His work is characterized by the use of diverse materials, and the mixtures of colors, textures, and structures. This allows him to create works that presents the dialectic between the intensity and the restraint, between the random and the intent, and between destruction and construction.