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Got a New X-H2S? Fuji’s New Zooms Are a Great Pairing – No Film School

A zoom lens for every occasion? Fujifilm, you had us at, “Hello.”

In one of the most exciting announcements of the month, Fujifilm has rolled out a refresh to its previous flagship mirrorless camera. While the new Fujifilm X-H2S is a solid filmmaking and photography tool, you might find yourself in need of more robust zoom lenses.

Well, Fuji thought you might. The company is rolling out a pair of new high-performance X-mount zoom lenses—the FUJINON XF18-120mm f/4 LM PZ WR and XF150-600mm f/5.6-8 R LM OIS WR.

Both of these are impressive offerings for the X series family, and here’s what makes them so awesome for photographers and filmmakers of every genre and budget.

The All-New FUJINON XF 18-120mm f/4 LM PZ WR Lens

One of the most exciting aspects of the FUJINON XF 18-120mm f/4 LM PZ WR is the fact that it marks a new chapter of collaboration between FUJINON Optics and the Fujifilm X series team itself—Fujifilm’s X series, of course, being its critically-acclaimed line of digital, mirrorless, prosumer cameras.

According to Fujifilm Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices Division vice president Victor Ha, this new lens is a culmination of decades of real user feedback, both amateur and professional.

The spirit driving this triumph keeps its focus squarely on what really matters—a commitment to the needs of the artist behind the camera. What does this mean, exactly? Excellent design, for one, but also usability, and, of course, a grander, more beautiful final result. As soon as you hold it in your hands, this devotion to the user will be more than evident immediately. This thing is crisp, bold, and perfect for a number of shooting environments and subject matter.

This Fujifilm lens may appear to be your ordinary fare. Behind this unassuming facade, however, lies more than a few enticing features for any photographer or filmmaker who prefers to travel light without compromising themselves in a pinch.

FUJINON XF 18-120mm f/4
FUJINON XF 18-120mm f/4Credit: Fujifilm

FUJINON Optics engineers pride themselves on a lot of things that matter a lot in the field—”minimal” focus breathing lets you make your mark and stick with it, even when zooming during a difficult shot. You seal your fate in one move, without worrying about a shifting optical axis and other variances that may otherwise throw your look off. This virtue impacts not only the focus controls at your disposal but also the exposure shift that you may otherwise run into with a lens of lower quality. This aperture was designed to facilitate a smooth transition between focal points, and it even offers some means of automatic exposure compensation as the lighting conditions around you fluctuate.

This 6.7x zoom lens also shines in terms of sheer versatility and flexibility in a practical sense. It’s extraordinarily lightweight for a lens of its class and caliber—to compare, many analogous Canon zoom lenses weigh nearly twice as much. This is to say nothing of higher-level glass of this length.

Out of the box, this Fujifilm lens boasts the following:

  • Focal range: 18mm to 120mm
  • Aperture range: F4 to F22
  • Lens mount: Fujifilm X
  • Close focus: 0.6m (23.62”)
  • Optics: 15 elements in 12 groups
  • Weight: 460g

You’ll experience next to no barrel distortion with this zoom, as well as negligent chromatic aberration, spherical aberration, and other indicators of low-quality glass and craftsmanship.  It’s also ingress-resistant, allowing you to take it with you anywhere with confidence.

At only $899, it offers your collection an incredible amount of value. If you tend to shoot on the cheap, the XF18-120mm will end up paying for itself time and time again.

FUJINON XF 150-600mm f/5.6-8
FUJINON XF 150-600mm f/5.6-8Credit: Fujifilm

The Bigger, the Longer, the FUJINON XF 150-600mm

Good things always come in twos, and Fuji’s second offering of zooms is the FUJINON XF 150-600mm f/5.6-8 R LM OIS WR. Of this lens, Ha said that “the outstanding coverage that is achievable with this lens places a range of far-reaching subjects—including wildlife, nature, and landscape details—firmly within frame.”

As much as that sounds like marketing, with a focal range of 150-600mm, that may be more fact than jargon.

Photographers and videographers can extend the reach of this hearty zoom lens through either FUJIFILM XF 1.4x TC WR or FUJIFILM XF 2x TC WR teleconverters. This allows for the lens’ longest focal length to extend all the way to 1200mm (or a 35mm equivalent of 1828mm). If you’ve never seen the man on the moon, you just might with this lens.

This is where the autofocus system comes in to help, as well. Driven by a linear motor, it can handle pretty hectic focus situations at the super-telephoto range in as fast as 0.25 seconds. At least according to Fuji. 

This Fujifilm lens is a literal monster:

  • Focal range: 150mm to 600mm
  • Aperture range: f/5.6-8 to f/22
  • Lens mount: Fujifilm X
  • Close focus: 2.4m (7.9ft)
  • Optics: 24 lens elements in 17 groups
  • Weight: 1605g

That’s a chonky lens and over three times heavier than the 18-160mm. But at $1,999, you’re thankfully not going to need to pay three times the price.

If you’re sold on these lenses, then you’re in luck. At least three additional XF companion lenses are also on the horizon, with more likely on the way further down this broader development roadmap. The XF 18-120mm and its big brother are only the beginning, and we couldn’t be more excited.

What Else Is in Store for Fujifilm X-Series Fans?

Additionally, you can keep your eyes peeled for a slew of companion lenses, fleshing these advantages out into a full set of X-Series superstars. Here’s everything slated so far:

  • The FUJINON XF 56mm F1.2 lens, an ultra-fast prime contender
  • The FUJINON XF 30mm F2.8 R Macro lens, a high-quality macro selection with a standard field of view
  • The FUJINON XF 8mm F3.5 lens, an ultra-wide prime (and, admittedly, the stand-out among this line-up we’re geeking out the most over)

If you love Fujifilm lenses, the XF series is one to look out for as new details emerge. The brand touts this collection as the perfect lens for “walking around.” To us, that means one thing, and one thing only. More freedom without the lug, especially for documentary filmmakers and photographers.

Is there anything this new series of soon-to-be Fuji-favorites is missing? You’d be hard-pressed to demand a telephoto prime among this bunch—the FUJINON XF 18-120mm and the XF 150-600mm will have you more than covered when shooting from afar. 

Mostly, we’re dying to know when we can take them all out for a spin. Stay tuned here for the latest—we’ll be here with everything you could possibly want to see from these enviable prosumer lenses the second we get our hands on them.