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“I love Photography, I Want To Try Acting, And More” – BLACKPINK Lisa: Deets Inside – IWMBuzz

Lisa of BLACKPINK is widely regarded as one of K-top Pop’s dancers, and it’s not only fans who think so! Professionals have often praised Lisa’s abilities and chosen her as their top idol dancer. Lisa occasionally showcases her talent by performing short yet sweet choreographies for various tunes. It’s impossible to deny that she has earned her title. She is widely regarded as BLACKPINK’s greatest dancer, having proven herself numerous times in the past.

Lisa was questioned in an interview with the American magazine Rolling Stone if she had ever wanted to break away from her “fixed” character and attempt something different. Lisa stated that she has a great deal of respect for the roles assigned to each member, which is why she does not want to be given a different title. She just wants to keep doing what she’s doing. If there’s one thing she’d like to change, it’s the activities she wants to participate in.

Lisa revealed that other than dancing, she has a wide range of interests and hobbies. She enjoys photography, for example. She earlier released the limited-edition birthday photobook 0327, which showcased her photographic abilities. She mentioned an interest in performing in addition to photography!

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