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In Memoriam : Jeffrey Silverthorne (1946-2022) – The Eye of Photography

We learned from the gallery L’ahah of the disappearance of the American photographer Jeffrey Silverthorne:

It is with infinite sadness that L’ahah informs you of the disappearance of Jeffrey Silverthorne. The works of this immense American photographer have moved us, and will continue to do so for a long time.
L’ahah had the incredible chance, and the pleasure, of working with Jeffrey Silverthorne from its creation. To learn to look with and through him.
This companionship gave rise in 2021 to a major exhibition in our two Parisian spaces, offering a journey through his work, from the 1960s to the present day. Jeffrey Silverthorne had sketched the outlines with this bittersweet title: “Pleasures, Sadness, Sometimes”. It was then a question of giving thanks to the delicacy and empathy of his gaze, to his terrible lucidity, his black humor, his sweet madness.
A number of projects have arisen from these exchanges, new avenues to explore have emerged. This quest which was his resounds and will always resound: “Looking”. Because as Michel Poivert wrote, in 2016, about Jeffrey Silverthorne, “desire never dies”.

“I am looking for a physical experience that allows ideas to confront each other. When I look at a photograph, I want to see in it a psychological space where the words are meaningless, where the intensity and complexity of the questions constitute the measure of being.” – Jeffrey Silverthorne, “How to measure a geranium” in Working, Éditions de L’OEil, Montreuil, 2014, p.8.


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The Eye of Photography has published the work of Jeffrey Silverthorne several times: