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People Are Bursting With Laughter At These 30 Photography Memes, Shared By This Dedicated Instagram Page – Bored Panda

Photography is perhaps the most thankless art we know. Firstly, some do not consider it art at all, and secondly, for example, singers are not told that the quality of their songs depends solely on the microphone.

However, to this day, many people believe that artistic photography is akin to that very famous Kodak advertising slogan: “You press the button, we do the rest.” True, almost 150 years have passed since that advertisement, and now everything is completely different. Even though people don’t believe it is.

That is why photographers, like representatives of many other professions, have developed their own humor, their own jokes and, of course, memes. For example, there is a popular Instagram account called photographerhumor which collects funny and sometimes sad memes about the difficult fate of photographers.

Today it has more than 155K subscribers, not all of which are actually photographers. There are memes that are not so easy to understand if you have never picked up a camera, but most of them are just life. And, of course, very funny. Bored Panda has compiled a curated list of the best memes in our opinion especially for you, so watch, laugh, and remember – never ask the photographer: “Hey, when will you send the pics?”