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Photography cheat sheet: how to shoot cityscapes and urban landscapes – Digital Camera World

Cities represent some of the most energetic, exciting, dynamic and varied environments for photography. When captured well, cityscapes have a unique ability to hold our attention and spark an insatiable wanderlust.

Whether it is brightly colored buildings, stunning architectural feats, mesmerizing neon signage, or the motion of traffic and the people who inhabit the city, urban images possess so much potential subject matter that it can be difficult to know where to begin.

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Urban landscape photography is about more than simply choosing a city in which to take pictures; it requires extensive planning and research to find the best possible image opportunities. 

In such a busy environment there are a few potential challenges, both practical and creative, that might disrupt the flow of your shoot. Start by spending time deciding which kind of images you want to take, and the style you would like to apply, before heading out on your shoot. This will allow you to mentally prepare your compositions and the gear required. 

The sheet below should help to jog your memory or inspire a few creative ideas next time you’re out and about with your camera in the urban environment. Why not save it onto your phone roll and refer back to it later?

Why not save and download this cityscape infographic/cheat sheet and  (Image credit: Future)

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