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See Sydney Sweeney Showing Off Everything In Her Steamy Photoshoot – Giant Freakin Robot

By Nathan Kamal
| 10 seconds ago

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is one of Hollywood’s most up-and-coming stars and the fashion houses of the world have taken notice. The Euphoria star is also quite active on social media, which is helpful for everyone that would like to see Sweeney pose in some of the most enticing and/or elegant outfits that one can imagine. Sydney Sweeney recently posted pictures from an extended shoot with Vogue Hong Kong and well, here they are:

In the first image in the carousel, Sydney Sweeney is poised in the open back door of a black car, staring solemnly straight to camera. She is dressed in a tight black vinyl dress fitted with a red Adidas bustier, and her platinum blonde hair covers one eye in a center-parted bob cut. The photo has a very Matrix by way of Wong Kar-Wai look of fabulousness to it. She has tagged Petra F Collins in the picture, so we can assume that the esteemed director of photography is responsible for the set.

The second picture in the carousel finds Sydney Sweeney posed like a jungle cat in a shadow room, her right leg entirely bare and raised high. She is bent over it, with one hand resting seductively on her thigh, a single dark-stoned ring on a finger. She is wearing a striped, long-sleeved, halter-necked blue dress that somehow still manages to be revealing. Around her throat is a choker adorned with a blue silk rose. Most likely the shoulder cutouts help with that. Sydney Sweeney tagged a number of her stylists in the picture, including nails by Zola Ganzorigt, hair by Rob Talty, and makeup by Melissa Hernandez.

The third image in the set is the most scandalizing yet, with Sydney Sweeney now crouched low by (presumably) the same black car as the first picture. She has swapped the black vinyl Adidas dress for a white pleated tennis dress and a blue matador jacket that looks too tiny to close. That indeed appears to be the case, as it is open to show off a very lacy white bra. This time around, she has a large, chunky-stoned ring on each hand. Her head is tilted up and back, showing off blue-stoned earrings, and a bright light shone directly on her face in a very David Lynchian move. 

The fourth photo in the slideshow has Sydney Sweeney back in the hotel room, now in black and white. She is lounging against a very 1970s-looking plush love seat with an air-conditioner in the background adding to a certain seamy atmosphere. She is wearing the same striped dress as before, now apparent as yet another piece of Adidas couture. 

The fifth and final image in the Sydney Sweeney set finds her in the same hotel room, but back in vivid, warm color.  Now she is wearing a brilliantly red Adidas outfit that manages to evoke a tracksuit while being much more form-fitting and deeply low-cut across the chest. We love to see Vogue Hong Kong, Adidas, and Sydney Sweeney working together for such a brilliant fashion shoot.