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The Nikon Z fc proves that photographers are just hipsters – Digital Camera World

Let me make one thing clear: I love the Nikon Z fc. I really do. It’s a superb, stylish camera that I truly enjoy using and that delivers great results.  

However , that doesn’t change the fact that the Nikon Z fc (opens in new tab) is a hipster camera –  and it’s proof positive that most photographers are hipsters, no matter how much they might hate to hear it.  

We all know that the Z fc sold like gangbusters, and has been one of the hottest cameras on the market ever since it was released. And rightly so; it’s one of the best retro cameras (opens in new tab) out there, and a great camera period. But again, this doesn’t disguise the fact that it’s simply a Nikon Z50 (opens in new tab) in disguise.  

However , the Z50 didn’t (and still doesn’t) get anywhere near the hype or attention of the Z fc –  even though it is functionally identical. The particular 20. 9MP APS-C sensor, 11 fps burst shooting, 4K video, ISO100-51, 200…  it is literally the exact same camera –  it just doesn’t look as pretty. That’s it.

I’ll be the first one to tell people that “style over substance” is nonsense, especially in photography, because style is substance. However , the particular Z fc isn’t a substantially different camera; it’s just got a vintage design and a silver paint job. It is, for all intents and purposes, a Z50 with a twirly moustache and hand tattoos.  

So the fact that the entire photography community was fairly indifferent to the Nikon Z50, but tripped over its own feet in a mad rush to fawn and gush over the Nikon Z fc, tells me that most photographers are hipsters.  

After all, when you think about it, while the Z fc may be more fun to use, it’s actually far less practical to use. It lacks a grip, is less ergonomic to hold, has a smaller touchscreen, and while it has classic ISO and shutter speed dials it misses an aperture ring.  

The only way the Z fc is actually better than the Z50 is as something to look at . And being more concerned about how something looks than how it functions is kind of a hipster trademark. A camera will be, at the end of the day, supposed to be something that looks at other things.  

No shade at Z fc owners –  I hope you enjoy your digital camera! Just make sure no one ever hears you utter the words “style over substance”…


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