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This AI Image Generator is way better than Google’s – Creative Bloq

I don’t know about you, but I find artificial intelligence pretty damn scary (I’ve seen enough Black Mirror to know how bleak things can get). But every now and then, we see some AI being used for some not-so-sinister things like, well, a good old-fashioned meme. 

The results from an AI image generator have gone viral and they’re hilarious. No matter what you’re searching for, just pop it into the generator and voila, you get your very own AI image. People have been getting creative with their searches and now a mass array of weird and wonderful AI images are doing the rounds online. If you were hoping to create your own bizarre art in a more traditional way, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best art supplies

Did you ever think you’d see Michelangelo’s David running through a lava vortex?  (Image credit: Boris Dayma)

The generator was created by Boris Dayma (opens in new tab), who also aptly named the generator DALL·E mini (you know, like Wall-E the robot? And Salvador Dali?). The site has proved so popular that it is frequently crashing because there is simply ‘too much traffic’. 

If you’ve hopped on any social media in the past 48 hours, then you might’ve already seen these peculiar pieces of art. It seems as though the internet is using DALL·E to create hilarious memes of things you wouldn’t normally see. So of course, we had to have our own go – and now I’m slightly in love with Monet dinosaurs (see below).

These are so wonderful I might frame them (Image credit: Boris Dayma)

Now we know what you’re thinking, how on earth does this AI generator actually work? Well, DALL·E mini is actually powered by Google’s TPU Research Cloud. According to the Google website (opens in new tab), “TRC enables researchers to apply for access to a cluster of more than 1,000 Cloud TPU devices,” meaning that DALL·E is just drawing on information gathered from Google’s information hubs. It’s a similar format to the AI image generator Google released last month, the only difference being that this one is accessible to the public. 

It seems as though this image generator could act as a great tool for us creatives with its ability to produce any image you so desire. And even though it has its creative uses, I’m still enjoying scrolling through the randomness of results people are sharing online (see below). 

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The more powerful this AI generator gets, the more useful it’ll be in the future with clearer and more specific results – we just hope it doesn’t get too powerful and takes over the world. If you’re feeling a little weary of DALL·E and would rather make art in a way that doesn’t involve artificial intelligence, then head over to our guide on how to download Photoshop and get creating. 

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