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This optical illusion shows four women – can you spot them? – NationalWorld

Optical illusions are extremely popular, so it’s no surprise that artists are trying their hand at creating mind-bending images to fool the public.

One of the latest tricks to baffle people looks simple – but of course it’s not.

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It’s been created by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak who specialises in optical illusions, including imaginative portrait heads called Hidden Images, and features four women.

Not all the women in the picture are easy to see though.

So, what does the image show, and are you among the 2% of the population who can successfully spot all four women?

Here’s what you need to know.

What does the optical illusion show?

The optical illusion is an intricate drawing is aptly called Four Women because it does indeed feature four women – although you may not be able to see it at first.

At first glance, the image shows a woman with gorgeous thick hair and a pretty flowing dress smiling as she talks on the phone.

It’s fair to say that this is likely to be the first woman most viewers see, but there are in fact three more women to be found within the surreal image.

Four Women optical illusion. Picture by Oleg Shupliak.Four Women optical illusion. Picture by Oleg Shupliak.
Four Women optical illusion. Picture by Oleg Shupliak.

Who is the optical illusion by?

The picture was created by 54 year old Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak in 2013.

On his website, he states that he drew the image on paper, which is of “symbolic composition”, to “improve the popular topic” of optical illusions.

It seems Shupliak did just that as the picture is still confusing and delighting viewers in equal measure nine years after it was first created and published.

Shupliak is particularly well known for creating optical illusions and imaginative portraits.  He uses painting, photography, graphics, illustration and animation.

He has been a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 2000 and an Honoured Artist of Ukraine since 2017 .

Where are the four women in the image?

The first woman has already been identified, but the other three are a little trickier to find.

The second can be seen when looking at the woman’s hand near her cheek. If you look closely, you’ll notice another woman on her palm.

Finding the third woman requires a bit more effort. When looking at the small woman on the arm, you might see the shape of a nose, eyes and a pair of lips.

To see the third woman you need to look at the side profile, which is why it is a bit more difficult to make out at first.

The fourth and final woman is easier to see.

You’ll notice on the stomach of the first woman is a pair of lips and the entire image is a woman itself.

Helpfully, Shupliak has shared an image on his official Oleg Shupliak website of a close-up version of the image which makes it easy to identify the second and third woman.

We’ve also shared the image below for you to see, but try and spot all four women yourself before you take a look.

Four Women optical illision close up image. Picture by Oleg Shupliak.Four Women optical illision close up image. Picture by Oleg Shupliak.
Four Women optical illision close up image. Picture by Oleg Shupliak.