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You may have heard that the best way to get over a past wrong is to forgive the perpetrator. But as with most things in life, that’s usually much easier said than done. No matter if we need to pardon ourselves or someone else.

To explore these difficult situations (and hopefully learn a thing or two that would help to deal with them), let’s take a look at a few Reddit threads (one and two) that asked people what bitter experiences do they remain salty about no matter how much time passes by.

We can’t escape our past. It will always be there, following us like a shadow. If only accepting it would be as simple as flicking a light switch.

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life I entered a competition where you had to be the first to type the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne.

I did it first with seconds to spare and was disqualified for not using the ‘correct’ lyrics. They apparently wanted the Americanised lyrics.

I’m Scottish. The song is Scottish.

I will never not be angry when I think about it.

aerohail , Calum MacAulay Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life The fact that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 against a woman who saved the most children in the Holocaust. That pisses me off like nothing else.

anon Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life We used to play Candyland all the time at the babysitters. One time I drew the Snow Queen and the babysitter said “it’s too early for that card,” and made me put it back in the deck and draw again.” Her daughter drew the Snow Queen a few turns later and the babysitter lit up like “oOOooO Snow Queen!!!” and moved her piece. I was 4, but will never forget.

mizzbates , John Morgan Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life When I was a kid, my a*****e neighbour ran over my cat who was sleeping under his car. I begged and cried to just let me pull him out but he refused. He wasn’t even sorry afterwards. It still hurts 20 years later

Just_Red_00 , Lucas Metz Report

That I’m required to have a masters degree to be a full librarian while someone who has never spent a day in a classroom, whose CHILDREN have never spent a day in a public school classroom can be appointed Secretary of Education

thelibrarygirl Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life I used to work for a pretty evil tech company in tech support. I was miserable only because I couldn’t seem to get promoted.

I got an offer at a place only 10 minutes from my house. Same pay, free parking, and happiness.

I put my two weeks’ notice in at my current job, and they were suddenly falling all over themselves to give me the promotion I had so wanted (specializing in web tracking software, which I was really good at). I agreed to stay on if they would promote me to that position.

I was young and naive, of course. They f****d me. I declined the other job offer, and then they denied me the promotion after I’d jumped through a bunch of hoops to qualify for it.

I rage-walked out of work that day. I rage-walked 9.85 miles. I was furious.

CursesandMutterings , Arif Riyanto Report

So in the 4th grade, a teacher made me stay after school to finish a project I had forgotten about. Now in my household, having to stay after school for whatever reason usually ended up in a beating because you messed up and embarrassed the family. Nine year old me left the classroom an hour later absolutely terrified, tearing up because I knew when I got home I was going to get beat. The next day the teacher pulled me in front of the class, told me to never make a scene like that again and basically called me a cry baby. I’ve never cried in school before and I was only 9 years old – you’d think she’d question why this kid was so terrified to go home? A few months later one of my brother’s teachers realized something was not right, and we were taken out of my dad’s house immediately. It’s a small town so I know she must have heard why. I hope she took it to heart and never treated an ab*sed kid like that again. Part of me hopes it’s still on her conscience after all these years, but I recognize that’s not healthy.

anon Report

I have a mom friend. Our kids don’t play together anymore because I am convinced her son is a budding psycho. He would come over to play with our kids, and purposely break toys, he took all our kids lego figures and pulled the heads, bottoms, hats off and threw them around our basement. We are pretty sure he took a bunch home, as we can’t find about ten of them. We went to a water park with each other, and their son vanished. We were all yelling and running everywhere looking for him, we were in the middle of making the place go into lock down when he popped out from hiding. He was hiding the whole time watching his parents freak out. The breaking point for me was this; We used to walk our kids to the library together. I pushed my youngest in a stroller, as the hills in our neighborhood are too much for her little legs. One day her son asks if he can push my kid. I tell him sure, but be careful. He takes off with the stroller, running full speed up a hill, we are yelling for him to stop, and he’s laughing, not slowing at all. He reaches the top of the hill, stops running, and shoves my stroller with toddler inside it down the hilly road. Thank god the stroller veered left and hit the curb and didn’t speed down the hill through the busy intersection. I was done after that. The other mom thinks I’m super uptight and that her kid is an angel. Ugh.

intoon Report

One time I took a piece of cake to school as my lunch food. It was all I had for that day. One idiot decides because it’s cake I have to share it. I explain that it’s all the food I brought for this day and thus will not be sharing, he suddenly gets up and smashes his hand into my cake. I try to protect it but I was too slow. It also happened after the cafeteria closed so I had nothing to eat that day. I am still mad about that and hope that guy has a terrible job now and is unhappy. not that I hold grudes or anything

Indian_Queen Report

When I was in middle school, I played the flute and had a mullet. My flute teacher was one of those amazing teachers who stood up for me when I was bullied (I had a teacher and a bully who woulf hit me, call me names etc.) and really got me to look up to her as a person. I was also very good at the flute. 2nd chair to a girl who had been playing for years.

Final concert comes around, this solo would have made my f*****g life. 20 measures. All to myself. Front row. I practiced every day as soon as I got the music. F*****g K*LLED the audition and the girl hadn’t practiced at all. But I lost it to her.

I’m a level headed guy, maybe I played off tempo or skipped a measure or something. But as I was runner up, I had to practice the part just in case the girl was absent. But as I was practicing in the sound proof room, I noticed I could hear my teacher and a bunch of girls talking.

1st chair girl: “Why didn’t he get the solo? He is doing really good.”
Teacher: “I can’t let some funny kid with a mullet be the only person people look at. Its a good song, I don’t want him to ruin it.”

I dropped flute after that. Its one thing to be a guy who overcame the bullying for being a male flute player. Its another thing to have your role model undermine a passion.

anon Report

My parents kept talking about getting rid of their piano but weren’t ready to. I said that since it was the one from my childhood that I grew up playing, and I didn’t have one, I’d like to have it. They could let me know when they were ready to part with it. They said it was too much of a pain to move (we lived a block away. You could have literally rolled it out the back door and up the street) and they didn’t want me paying a mover. So I said no worries, I’ll wait as long as you like. This went on for a year. It came up almost once a week. I’d ask if I could just come get it. They said no they weren’t ready. No worries. They’d bring it over sometime.

Then one day I came over and the piano was gone. I asked what was up and they said my cousin, who lives 3 hours away, had been looking for one for her daughters, so my dad had loaded it up into a truck he rented and personally delivered it.

My parents claimed they didn’t think I was interested in it.

Auntie_Ahem Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life During fifth grade kickball I was wrongfully called out because this sh*thead kid was blocking the base. We work for the same company now, different departments. I can’t help but give him the side eye when I see him in the hallway. I’m 40.

LadyGingerGiant , Samuel Hartman Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life In Reception (First Grade for non UK based people) we were in a circle and the teacher (Mrs Brown) asked us to go around the circle and for everyone to name a fruit. When it got to me i said ‘Sharon Fruit’ (which is also called a Persimmon), Mrs Brown told me not to make up names if i didn’t have one and everyone laughed at me even though it is 100% a real fruit.

That was probably 20 years ago and i still get annoyed about it now.

QueueJumpersMustDie , Inga Seliverstova Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life During dinner time as a child (around 6-9ish) my 3 siblings and I would have to finish our plates then ask our Mam for permission to leave the table, presumably to go do some dumb 6 year old stuff.

One time we had pasta and tuna (my favourite) so i wolfed it down in record time, strolled into the living room with my head held high and my chest puffed out, to inform my mother that It was time for me to be excused to go play Cool Spot on the Sega Megadrive.
As she followed me back into the dining room my plate was miraculously full of pasta and my older brother’s was completely spotless, and despite my pleading for her to see reason my brother got to go upstairs and claim the Megadrive for himself and I had to sit through another helping of inedible pasta (since he had diabolically covered it in enough salt to dry up my tears).
I later found out that he had “paid off” my younger brother and sister to back him up with the promise of listening to his new Busted CD.

To this day I feel as though i harbour resentment towards him for his betrayal.

Glutes4DSloots , Yasser Hernandez Report

My family went on holiday without me three years in a row when I was a teenager. Aged 16, my mum booked the holiday for when I was sitting my GCSEs so couldn’t possibly go. She says we’ll go somewhere good the next year. Next year rolls around and she books it for the week I have my AS levels and my driving test (test was booked 3 months in advance as waiting lists were so long). Following year she booked it for when I was doing my A levels. I was royally pissed that one week I could do with my mother’s support she was gone. My friends had parents bringing them revision snacks and celebratory dinners after exams and I was home alone. Worst bit was my mum’s a teacher so she knew when the exams would be and shouldn’t have been going on holiday during term time herself.

here_involuntarily Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life This trivia quiz I was a part of, at a nearby social club. Eight-year-old me was the kid in my team, and our team was tied with another one for the top prize. The quizmaster said, “now you folks need to sit down quietly. Just raise your hands if you know the answer to this tie-breaker question; don’t just shout it out.”

He asked the question. I knew the answer. I raised my hand. Someone in the other team shouted out the answer instead. They got the points and won. No one even stopped to look at me.

Screw you, idiotic quizmaster.

EDIT: Someone asked me what the question was. It was “2nd October is celebrated as Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday all over India. But which other prominent leader was also born on the same day?” (The answer, as most Indians will know, is Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister.)

connectmc , Taylor Wilcox Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life Seven years ago, I interviewed with a company. I had four phone interviews and two in-person interviews, including a panel interview to present the projects they assigned to me during the interview process.

F*****s ended up ghosting me.

MetropolisPt31 , Kindel Media Report

I once got a 2 hour after-school detention because someone in my class with the same first name as me didn’t do their maths homework.

I explained that it wasn’t me, I showed her my completed homework **THAT SHE HAD MARKED AND RETURNED TO ME LESS THAN 45 MINUTES EARLIER**.

The c**t just gave me an extra detention for arguing.

Slow_Toes Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life I took an amazing job opportunity that increased my salary by 40K a year. It was an at-will contract. 30 days after I took the job, I was called into HR, told they were letting me go, and offered no explanation because they weren’t required to.

I have no idea what I did or didn’t do, was not given any specifics, and still get mad just thinking about it.

I got another job about 3 months later for around the same salary in a lower cost of living area. It all worked out in the end but I am still f*****g salty about getting fired with no explanation.

wittyname83 , Alex Green Report

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"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life In elementary school I drew a picture of a dolphin with his hole spitting water out of it. My teacher was completely sure that they didn’t had any hole, and shamed me in front of the class. I saw a lot of national geographic documentaries and knew that it was a mammal and needed to breathe. To this day I’m angry about it

imadamastor , Magda Ehlers Report

when I was like 8 years old I came into possession of a comic book. I don’t remember what it was, all I can remember is how excited I was to open it up to read it. I had an older cousin who was around 14 and he demanded he read it first, even though it was mine. We got into a huge fight about it and for some reason all the adults who were around said I should share with him and let him read it first, so I begrudgingly let him. I sat across from him as he read the comic, and I swear he took his sweet a*s time. He took forever reading, and I waited patiently for him to finish. As soon as he finished, he got up, walked it over to me, and just as I reached out to read it, he ripped it up and shred it into pieces while laughing. To say I was pissed is an understatement; if I had a knife on me at that exact moment I swear I would have stabbed him.

This was over 30 years ago and anytime I run into the same cousin I say hi but immediately mutter to myself “you comic book ripping motherf**ker…” It’s insane how much these little things stay ingrained in us.

orange_cuse Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life When I moved and had to leave the high school I was at I found out one of my teacher thought I was a smoker which is why they were always sh*tty to me.

No, my clothes just smell like s**t because my parents and brother both chain smoke and there was nothing I could do about it at the time.

Voxcide , Irina Iriser Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life Live in a community with an HOA. Was member in good standing, owed no dues or anything. Property manager didnt get pool pass mailed to me. 2 weeks into pool season, I’m pregnant. Manager says “its in the mail.” I try to go to the pool to use it. Pool guy will not let me in. Prop manager says I cant go in until the pass arrives at my house even though she admits it is me on the phone, I have ID, and it is 2 weeks into pool season. Threatens to call the cops on me for being hostile.


anon , Lara Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life A few years ago I ordered the Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo at Cheesecake Factory. It wasn’t until a few minutes into my entree that I noticed they forgot to add the shrimp. Well when we told our waitress, she started to accuse me of having eaten all the shrimp and was being very abrasive. Didn’t replace the order. Didn’t bring out any shrimp. A few minutes go by and we hear someone from a nearby table complaining to the same waitress and demanding their gumbo be remade because they asked for no shrimp. Pretty obvious the waitress got our orders mixed up but nope, the only logical explanation was that I picked out and ate all shrimp and was only complaining to get my meal comped. I still can’t go back…

PM_ME_UR_B**BSICLES , RODNAE Productions Report

My 7th grade English teacher accused me, in front of the class, of having copied a short story that I had written. It wasn’t even loosely based on anything I had read prior to that, it was just well written. That episode led to a lot of mistrust of teachers thereafter. Its been about thirty years, but I still get steamed up when I think about it.

1boxfox Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life The sh*tty Hobbit trilogy.

Instead of returning to Middle Earth for a three hour tale recounting Bilbo’s adventures to Lonely Mountain, they ‘adapted’ a ~300 page book into a gaudy, soulless trilogy in order to make three times the money.

Shame on them!

BarcodeNinja , Jeff Finley Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life When I was a senior in high school, I wanted to be a National Honor Society officer. I was also in the marching band. The lady who in charge of NHS was also the librarian, and I spent my 5th period every day working in the library. Because I was already in NHS, she had me helping her doing a bunch of the stuff that an officer SHOULD have been doing (organizing records, keeping track of everyone’s service hours, etc.) When it came time to choose officers for the following year, I thought “Hey, I’m a shoo-in, right? I’ve literally already been doing the job.”

Nope. She decided not to let me be an officer because she didn’t think someone in the band could have the time to really perform the duties, even though I’d been doing it for six months. Turned out she had some vendetta against the band because she thought we got too much special treatment.

F**k her.

scottevil110 , Ron Lach Report

"What Are You STILL Salty About?: 30 People Share Their Worst Injustice Moments In Life When I was like 6 or 7 I went to McDonald’s with my grandmother and my teenage aunt and uncle.

My grandmother bought my uncle a full meal and made my aunt and I share a small fry.

Folksma , Polina Tankilevitch Report

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