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What Every Landscape Photographer Goes Through – Fstoppers

Landscape photography is a quirky genre, often requiring long physical treks in the wee hours, all while hoping for the conditions to cooperate and allow you to take the photo you have in mind. If you have been there before, check out this hilarious video that follows a landscape photographer’s thought process while deciding whether to head out to shoot or not. 

Coming to you from Rick Bebbington, this funny video follows the thought process of a landscape photographer trying to decide whether to go out for a shoot. I know I have had this exact conversation with myself several times before. I am the furthest thing from a morning person, and the thought of getting up well before the sun sounds like my own brand of hell. Add in the fact that even in doing so, I am not guaranteed the shot or conditions I am hoping for, and I will forever be a sunset photographer. I have tremendous respect for the landscape photographers who can commit to hours that are frankly obscene to get the photos they want, but it makes me feel a bit better to know that they have the same thoughts I do! Check out the video above and have a laugh or two!